👋🏼 Hi, I'm Mallory.
👋🏼 Hi, I'm Mallory.

👋🏼 Hi, I'm Mallory.

*virtually shakes your hand*

🎮 I'm currently COO at metafy

Backed by Tiger Global, Forerunner, 776 and DCM, we're building the preeminent, product-first teaching platform for experts to monetize their knowledge, beginning in gaming.

😇 I'm an angel investor. startup advisor, founder coach and a scout for accel

I'm passionate about the business of one, the creator economy, building products with the functionality of b2b and the delight of b2c, and empowering as many female founders, investors and operators as possible. I focus on supporting companies building a functional, equitable future for creators and entrepreneurs.

I'm most useful helping with product strategy, user experience design, operational design and the psychology of team building, software stack selection and customization, industry and subject matter expert intros and scrappy growth tactics.

I also coach individual founders through the emotional and mindset challenges of founding and growing a tech company. I believe in human-first strategy, not in running the same playbook every time.

💰 I’m building the old girls club with the help of the brilliant women in my tech/vc orbit

Too many women in tech and venture are exhausted from maintaining a reputation of never needing help and always having the answers. After 10+ years of doing this myself and observing how the old boys club mitigates this for many men in the industry, I'm trying to do something about it.

💼 I was previously the director of product ops and customer experience at cameo

I spent most of my time obsessing over how to make sure the Cameo product carried the Cameo business to the moon. I managed strategic product and roadmap planning, business analysis and product team goal setting, cross-functional operations and internal comms for the product and design teams. I was also the resident PM therapist.

In addition, I led these teams:

⚙️ Product Operations | operationalizing new feature roll outs and testing

⭐ Talent Success | supporting and making 20k+ unmanaged Cameo talent successful

📣 Customer Success | providing world class customer support and experiences

💪🏼 I'm a cancer survivor

I was diagnosed with sporadic burkitts lymphoma when I was 25. I'm now five years in remission 🥳

It sucked but I'm grateful for the lessons it taught me.

💥 I'm a bunch of other things too

  • My 16personalities type is the Advocate (INFJ-A)
  • I'm a mom to a french bulldog named Louie
  • I live in LA and grew up in CT
  • I like neutral colors, midcentury architecture and design, carbs, adventures, sans serif fonts and books with beautiful cover art
  • I dislike animals with no legs, green bell peppers, rudeness, uncomfortable chairs, being cold, and confusing furniture assembly instructions

🚗 I took a winding road, and i encourage others to do the same

Went to undergrad at Duke. Discovered a passion for humans. - Was fascinated by consumer and organizational psychology + the fundamental of human interaction, dropped pre-med. - While I was there, I worked at an ad agency, a startup and a child development lab to start figuring out what I was good at and what I cared about.


Moved to New York and learned how to be an adult. Discovered a passion for results. - Started as an ops analyst at 33Across, learned what adtech was, how to use excel, and met some incredible coworkers. - Followed an incredible mentor to LinkedIn, where I worked as a campaign manager with a habit of constantly getting involved cross-functionally.


Migrated to California, got very lucky. Discovered a passion for helping people discover their own passions. - Was recruited by Pinterest in 2014 pre-revenue to pioneer campaign management and sales ops. Proceeded to do somewhere between five and fifteen other jobs over the course of 4 amazing years. - Highlights included helping build and train the campaign management team, working with product to design and iterate on our self-serve business platform, running some of our largest accounts including nestle, airbnb, lyft, toyota and abc, starting the product ops team and helping launch some awesome features for businesses and creators.


Built a few things in real estate. Discovered a passion for supporting entrepreneurs and big personalities. - Launched the San Diego market for Compass and grew it from 6 to 600 agents, managed all operations in absence of a GM for a year. - Joined biproxi as head of ops and product following a $10M seed round to build the zillow for commerical real estate. Led product, ops, and customer success. Also led the operations of the acquisition of OfficeSpace.com. Left with company restructure due to COVID impact on CRE.


Moved back to LA and reconnected with the Cameo team. Discovered a passion for the creator economy. - I started as our technical co-founder's chief of staff, and quickly took on more responsibilities and teams. - The team grew from 100 to 300, and I turned into part therapist, part strategist, part operator, working across product, design, operations and bizops.


COVID taught me how to network. Discovered a passion for community. - While COVID is and was traumatic and exhausting, I learned how to network effectively. As someone with severe social anxiety, zooms across city and country borders enabled me to push myself beyond what I ever could have achieved IRL. - I started angel investing, advising, exploring, connecting, and eventually met Josh Fabian (and couldn’t help but go work with him at Metafy), Tyler Palmer (who became a dear friend and sparring partner in the investing and operating world) and countless others. - I defined my passion for community building and empathy-forward leadership and coaching. In a time where people needed to be treated like people, I found my calling.

Things I believe

// We are all humans doing our best and we should be nice to each other

// Education and career pathing need to fundamentally shift to mitigate socioeconomic, bias and access blockers

// Removing barriers to entry for both artistic and technical creation with AI/ML and platform layering will power the next generation of successful tools

// Community is the new currency, and authenticity is the differentiator

// The lines between B2B and B2C are blurring as individuals monetize their skills and talents (ex. creators, subject matter experts, real estate agents, celebrities) - they need the functionality of B2B tooling and expect the delightful UX of a B2C product

Say hello!

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💌 Email me at mallory.r.contois@gmail.com